Monday, May 30, 2011

featured today:meet a milspouse

i am featured on 
diary of a devil dog wife's
weekly military spouse roundup
it's intimidating 
because today
just isn't any  monday
is a special day
is memorial day
a day when so many people
at the lakes
hosting a bbq
or just enjoying 
some time off from work
today is more than a three day weekend
for me 
today was redefined
seven years ago
last march
i said i do
to a man
would introduce me to a lifestyle
where not only he had to be selfless 
which he does very naturally
i did as well
i am not selfless
nor patient
all for the better of our country
so many of men
and women
like my husband
have given the ultimate sacrifice
so many spouses like me
have been selfless 
beyond what i can fathom
so many children have learned 
how to say goodbye 
love this pic of the captain! 
at an age many are just learning to say no
it is about them
not me
not the bbq
not the extra day  to relax by the pool
it is about those who put
our freedom 
above their own

 enjoy your memorial day
but please
take a minute
thank a member of the armed forces
they really are something special! 

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  1. So nice to 'meet' you! We miss the travel and food we experienced during our three years in Aviano. I was inspired this weekend to start blogging about the places we have traveled. Your photos bring the sounds, smells and tastes back to my mind like it was yesterday. Enjoy it, it will go by so much faster than you can imagine!