Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mother's day bouquet

last week
i mentioned 
and sunday
there were so many in bloom
so i cut a few
picked some flowers from the field by our house
i like to call it baby's breath
but i could be wrong
put the flowers in a vase
tied a ribbon around the vase
and called it a bouquet
then thought
"it's mother's day. if my mom was here i'd give them to her"
there is 5,442 miles between my mom and i
not that i'm counting
as tempted as i was
to keep the bouquet
i couldn't
i knew a very good mom
who has a very good kid
and it was mother's day
so when chase and his mom came over
before church
i asked chase to come in
without his mother
i needed to discuss why he didn't pick up all the {dog poop}
we quickly filled out a makeshift card
then he carried the flowers to his mom 
who was patiently waiting
of course she smiled
mothers give selflessly 
and without reserve
they deserve flowers everyday!
i think that is the true reason my mom grew roses
to have flowers daily
happy (belated) mother's day
remember to hug your mom more than you think you should
and tell her you love her with every hello and goodbye


  1. Thank You!!!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!