Sunday, May 8, 2011


was a much needed
and unexpected
an impromptu invite
to explore 
some wineries in the region
by way of  
a 2011 bmw convertible 
no less

sorry captain, had to brag on your ride
led to
an afternoon of new faces
new wines
new places
a much need break
the best part
it's only thirty minutes
every now and again
you have to do something
that reminds you 
you are in italy
so with the top down on the car
our hair blowing in the wind
the captain and i set out!
first stop 
a vineyard 
in domanins
the landscaping was so unique
with the vines
growing in a star pattern
the grounds were simply breathtaking
the wine was exquisite 

a nicely wrapped souvenir full of wine bottles
the people
so nice
our next stop 
this winery was closed
i know 
i about cried
so we just took pictures of the outside
of course was lovely
our tour guide
the wonderful
i believe this is how you spell his name
took us to
which i titled
the cute medieval town on my iphone google maps
we walked around the town 
viewing the sites
enjoying the day 
taking pictures

and more pictures

but with scenery like this

you just have to keep snapping away!
sadly though our trip had to end
we finished the tour
with a stop at 
an agriturismo

an agriturismo is probably best explained
as a farm
that serves food 
and usually
 has some lodging accommodations
by this time
i forgot i was a tourist
and sat there enjoying my wine
so please feel free to look at the website for pictures
trust me on this one
take a look!
as the captain and i 
returned to my home
i was greeted by 
a beautiful yard
with fresh potted flowers
 my hubby sent me away for the afternoon
to indulge in some wine
the italian life
and while i was gone
he mowed, potted some flowers, and
bribed some kid with two new games on the ipad
to pick up dog poop
thanks chase!!
was a much needed escape
so thank you captain for the invite
thank you emanual for showing us around
thank you chase for well you know
doing the dirty work at the house
thank you kenneth for making me go

love love love from aviano

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  1. Ohhh....loved your photos! Looking forward to hearing more about Aviano!!!! Do you do video? Have you heard of We are trying to get as many spouses together as we can! come check it out!!