Monday, January 10, 2011

the crazy washer and dryer

i promised a dear friend pictures
but how can i post pictures
without a story

meet our "new"
and temporary
washer and dryer
from this view
nothing seems very different

but take a closer look
my friend!

the washer dial

really? where's the quick start button?
even if it was in italian it would be easier than this!

now for the dryer:

the timer:
slightly different but manageable

the weight and temperature guide:
again, what's up with the symbols?!

after three loads of laundry
i've only semi-shrunk one sweater
and kenneth said it was a little big on me anyway
i think he was trying to make me feel better

i knew italy would be different
but come on' people!
quick start: the easiest, fastest way to do laundry
and clean clothes is a universal concept
well almost universal

so far
besides some minor adjustments
and major learning opportunities
italy has been grand!

it is a new adventure every day.

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