Saturday, January 8, 2011

hello germany!

weren't we supposed to be in italy?
why yes we were!

ramstein, germany
it is
only for a brief time

due to some 
unforseen complications
we were delayed overnight in ramstein

at first we thought
we were going to have to
'camp out' 
at the airport

it only made sense
our plane was to leave at 7 am
the nearest hotel that took dogs was a hour and a half away
according to the airline help
and  it was already 7pm

as any good military wife
i was resourceful
i walked to the bx
bought a sleeping bag
some dog bowls
some snacks
and we made camp

admiral welcomes you to our airport home!

only moments later
did we find out 
our airline wasn't going to leave till noon
hotel here we come!

i called
hotel america
the food is german
the decor is german
and the only thing american
is the eighties music playing in the lobby

they take dogs!
they are only five minutes from base!
five minutes!
not a hour and a half?!?

we called a taxi
and moments later 
we were sitting at a bar 
in 'big emma's' restaurant 
enjoying a beer
while the dogs relaxed at the hotel america

the breakfast this morning was delicious!
ahh the croissants!



the clementines reminded me of mimi! 
they were so good! 

deli spread

nothing says german breakfast like nutella

after breakfast 
the dogs and i 
went on a stroll around the area

admiral and maik met roosters
needless to say i was not able to get a picture of this encounter 

they met an angry german lab
yet again, due to my safety no pictures were taken :)

and i saw some beautiful german houses.

hello germany indeed
you have been nothing but enjoyable
and hospitable!

on to aviano!

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