Friday, January 28, 2011

friday fun fact: italian lesson uno (pronounced ooooon)

its been awhile since we've had
friday fun fact
too long if you ask me
maybe not long enough if i'm asking you!

today's friday fun fact
is a brief italian

while studying the language
because i hope in four years 
i will be able to say i'm fluent

i have learned 
the shortest
italian word
 that contains 
all vowels 
and only vowels

pronounced i-u-o-lay

so what does it mean?

flower beds!
which i love by the way!
i found this picture by googling images of flower beds. 
isn't it gorgeous!

so today as
the sun shines in oklahoma
 and its a day you wish it was spring
yes, i check the weather in oklahoma
the sun is shining in aviano
it's quite a bit cooler here than oklahoma

what better way to wish for spring
than to 
dream about

happy friday 

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