Saturday, January 29, 2011

foods of aviano part due (italian for two)

because i know you want to see more
and i have to get people over here to see me 
i am not to proud to bribe ya!
here is part two
due in italian
pronounced doo-ay

the foods
wonderful foods of aviano

this was an 'appetizer'
per say
it consisted of melted cheese
and a sponge cake type thing
 filled with spinach artichoke dip

chocolate cake
with chocolate pudding filling
simply stated
decadent on the palate

creme brulee
with raspberries
and cookies

another view

can i have one of each?

and a glass of each
hey at least i'm not asking for a bottle of each.

are you hungry yet?
ready to come see me?

i promise more foods to come
just prepare to drool on your keyboard.


  1. I found your blog on the Bloghop and I love it! I hope you enjoy all your adventures in Italy! Feel free to come on over to my blog (hopefully you'll catch me on a good day!) at
    P.S. - I'm also from Oklahoma! I'm a transplant, but I lived there for ten years. I LOVE Oklahoma so I like to consider myself an Oklahoman. Maybe not born and bred Okie, but Okie nonetheless! :D

  2. Love it, Love it!! I want to come see you in Italia so bad!! Oh, and I want one of each of everything you're eating and drinking!!