Tuesday, January 18, 2011

aviano on a clear day

the fog in aviano
can be

clear as day
and moments later
you can't see past your finger tips.

we had a gorgeous
clear day
i took pictures 
you can thank me later
because i know initially 
you will be jealous you are not here too


i find the mountains to be breathtaking.

i find my boys to be breathtaking as well!
i must say they are handsome.

the city on the hill
that's what they called it, really!

even the water is clear.

water so clear i saw this trout jumping
he was a beauty.
i wanted to catch him by hand and fillet him right there.
but kenneth restrained me. 

just another view from the car.

on clear days
is breathtaking

on foggy days
you feel like you are in sleepy hollow
which makes for some excitement.

 we are still searching for our 
but on clear days
i secretly wish 
i never find a routine
and can spend
wandering the mountains

love from aviano!

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