Thursday, January 27, 2011

thankful thursday...mi casa

i've been hesitant 
to add pictures
didn't want to jinks ourselves
but since the contract is approved
all that's left is to finalize dates
i figure
why the heck not.

on this thankful thursday
i'm so thankful
to have
an italian casa

without further delay
lets start our pictorial tour
of the place i will call home 
for the next four years

first to tease you
our view:
to the left

to the right

directly out our front window.

now for the real stuff
the casa

welcome to our drive:
i love this driveway!

and there she is! 

our patio
where we promised our landlord 
we'd host an american bbq

funny story: we gave away our patio set 
because we never expected to have a patio this large.
to all those who are moving: DO NOT SELL ANYTHING!
wait till you get here!
you never know what you are going to have 
and supplies/stores are limited and pricey!

our yard:
our landlord promises to plant lots and lots of flowers
and i promised i would help!
she said 
va bene!

the dogs will have plenty of room to run! 

ready to go in?!?

our mudroom:
i am very excited about this! 
a place for ken's boots and those dirty paws!

our dining/living whatever we make it room:
this is the room with the VIEW!

our cucina
disclaimer: italian kitchens are NOT big!
and we don't have a dishwasher at this time.
we are looking into putting one in....

a boring hallway.
the only hallway.
but i love the doors.

the first bedroom.
it is the smallest.
notice anything different from american bedrooms?

the second bedroom:
it's a medium size bedroom. 
have you noticed yet?

the main floor bathroom:

the largest of the three bedrooms on the main floor:
have you noticed yet?

let's go downstairs!!
love these stairs!

one side of the stair case:

the other side of the stair case:

the bedroom downstairs:
most likely this will be our master bedroom.
it is the largest.
and it's connected to...

the downstairs bathroom!
which is also the laundry room!

so to sum up our pictorial tour:
the main floor consists of three cameras (bedrooms),
a living/dining room
a toilette (bathroom),
and a cucina (kitchen).
the bottom floor consists of 
one big room that is seperated by the stair case
so it's basically two rooms
 a camera (bedroom),
a toilette (bathroom) and laundry room.

so did you notice
the difference between american bedrooms
and italian??
no closets! a closet counts as a room which means higher tax!

we have plenty of rooms 
in our new house.
which will be yours?
you are always welcomed at our home! 

from budoia!
(that's our town!)


  1. Looks LOVELY! The house looks wonderful and the view is AMAZING! What we wouldn't give here for a view like that!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! Just be thankful you are not a shoe person like Jenny. The house looks perfect! You will need that patio and wine after a long day of teacher!

  3. looks great! and you're so close to Ciasa de Gahja there! :)... And Polcenigo is right there! You'll love it here!

  4. Lovely!
    &The little fact about the closets - interesting!! I learned something new today! =)