Sunday, January 23, 2011

I miss..

there are several things
you know you will
miss when you find out your are moving
 you know you will miss family
and various other things.
 i knew that i would miss braum's milk

i knew that i would miss mexican food
(good mexican food)
i knew i would miss Sonic,
more specifically sonic ice.
  i had no idea i would miss fountain drinks.
i miss my dr pepper from the fountain
they have dr pepper here
but it is in a can
and well
that is just not the same.
i miss the click of the cup
when it hits the lever of the dr pepper tab,
watching the cup fill up
guesestimating how close I can get the soda to the top
without it spilling over
 i miss listening to the melody of the fizz carbonated bubbles
and watching the ice dance with the bubbles to the melody

i found this picture online.
 it pretty much describes
what i would look like if i could get a good dr pepper from the fountain.
please ignore the fact she is getting diet dr pepper.

 now don't get me wrong
the bx does have dr pepper in their fountain
but again
it's not the same.
it's more carbonation
less syrup
if you are a dr pepper drinker
you know the importance
 the syrup
so as i get use to the italian way
and enjoy the italian food
(which I am doing!!) 
i must admit
i miss fountain drinks
especially dr pepper
 (if you can figure out how to send me a dr pepper
from sonic 
i will name my first born after you)

1 comment:

  1. haha! we miss sonic and good mexican food out here also!! first thing we did when we got home for christmas was eat at Tarahamara's. (or however you spell it). How bout I freeze a dr pepper fountain drink, ship it overseas in dry ice? ;)