Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my love affair

meet him.
our new gently used 1999 ford focus
he's great
he has taken us from point a 
to point b
and some sightseeing in between
there was a slight problem
between us though
he was a stick

and i had to get use to that

in my driving experience
 it probably would have been easier to drive on the left side of the road

we went on a few dates
chaperoned of course
you never leave young love/lust unattended 
it could be dangerous

and after the elders
eh-em kenneth
trusted us
we were free 
to be alone
of course we were both nervous 
but you have to try it at least once

it was a day like no other
we went from point a to point b
without any problems
and back again
ok i admit he stalled out once or twice
but he's an old man....

and just when i thought i was falling in love
there she was

his engine wasn't even cooled off yet

she looked rough
covered in dried salt water
but she was here
and she was my automatic!
 suddenly i forgot about him

hello friend!
i wanted to run and hug her
but they wouldn't let me
they insisted they clean her up first
i didn't care. i would have taken her as is.

after a few hours of 
impatiently waiting
she was 'official'
european tags and all

isn't this a beautiful sight!

and we were together

as the nice italian man filled her tank
i spoke sweet nothings into her steering column
i promised to never leave her
to take her wherever i go
and that we would be the best of friends
be-poppin' around italy

i know,
like any good relationship
we will have our fights
and disagreements
but i always have him
in the background
waiting to continue our love affair.

love love love from italy.

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