Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year's eve in baby bump town!

remember my post on 
if you don't, read it! otherwise the following will be gibberish!

there is a lot you can not do when you are pregnant
but there is a lot you can do!
last night
we celebrated new year's eve 
baby bump style

three couples
(one who is expecting their first son in may)
love this couple! she's mayor of baby bump town! 
notice ice cream in hand when it's 20 degrees outside

a wii
ms tory & ms kristi about to battle it out 

a few dance games
(zumba and just dance 2)
sparkling cider
 a late night run for ice cream
and you have a recipe for a great night

yep this about sums up the night!

i wish i had more pictures
as evidence from the picture above
i was dancing 
all night

the men
had cameras going
i will post more
embarrassing pictures later!
when they release them to me

last night was a great night
filled with good friends
many laughs
great food
danny makes a mean pulled pork!

happy new years to you.
may this year be filled
with many blessings
and joys.

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