Thursday, January 20, 2011

thankful thursday: the captain, chase, and louie

when people heard we would be taking the pups
on our overseas journey
many thought we were
sometimes i thought we were crazy!

then the big day arrived
and of course
so did the hiccups
kinks, bumps in the road, call them what you want
but they came too

the dogs
did fabulous.
even riding with us
in the cabin
from dallas to baltimore

they were quieter than most kiddos on the plane.

and i must say
thank you to american 
they went above and beyond.

baltimore was a little more hectic than dallas
mainly because there is one area 
set up 
for the military flight from baltimore
to ramstein germany
which meant one entire plane
with a lot of luggage 
gathered in one area

the dogs did great
even a chief 
stopped to comment at how well behaved the pups were

back to the point of the story
another hiccup
but in the end  a blessing 
we were delayed
and as i set up camp at the airport
yes, i've shown this picture a hundred times 
but i can't help it
i adore it

we met louie, the captain, and chase
the captain and chase are louie's parents

meet louie
i admit i stole this picture from louie's mom's facebook page
but it captures louie perfectly!

meet the captain
 just going to put a disclaimer,
i stole all the pictures of louie the captain and chase from 

meet chase.

there is something about dog people
we just gravitate towards each other
i am glad we did

ever since the hiccup in germany
we've become friends
we are hoping louie, maik, and admiral become friends as well!

chase and the captain 
some of the best people i know.

they have never hesitated to help
kenneth and i 
during this journey we call pcsing
in fact she shared some of the houses she found with us!
that's how we found our future *keep your fingers crossed* home

people thought we were crazy 
for taking the pups with us
i wouldn't change it for the world
traveling can be chaotic
there is something refreshing
and welcoming
about coming off the plane
and seeing a wagging tail waiting for you
i figure if they can handle it being in a crate
underneath an airplane for 10 plus hours
how bad do i really have it?

traveling with the pups
became a conversation starter
we talked to people
we would have never talked to

we made friends
i am so glad we did

would i travel with the pups again?
most definitely.

so on this thankful thursday
i am not only thankful for my four-paw children
but for the captain, chase, and louie.

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  1. I have a small dog and she rode in the cabin with us and 2 cats that were underneath with the luggage. We took Delta the whole way over here though,but it was a great experience. Hope you are getting settled in well! It's a great place to live, you just have to get out and explore :)