Wednesday, February 16, 2011

aqua massage=my piece of joy

dear friends
yes i get to eat great food
don't want to rub it in
i get to drink amazing wine
i get to live in italy
i'm really not trying to make this look like a brag blog
but the best part
of my whole adventure
occurred today!

i found the 
inside the hawc
i found

aqua massage
this is a picture of an aqua massage
i found online
but the machine at the hawc looks pretty much identical to this one

the best part of the aqua massage
it's free!!!!

yes folks,
so after i work out 
and try to avoid a bulging belt line
due to great food and wine
i can relieve my sore muscles
with an aqua massage
or twice a day
and every time i go
it's free!

i  just love italy.


  1. Holy Canoli! I wish I'd have known about that when I was there!!! I would have SO taken advantage of that!!!!!!!

  2. the Hawk is the best place ever. . . well at least here.