Thursday, February 10, 2011

thankful thursday...stores that ship to apo boxes

i was going to title this blog
"clothes of the bx"
compare it 
to the 
i then realized
i might 
offend some people
that buy clothing from the bx
i decided to put a positive spin on it
that's what social workers do
we see the positive side of the worse situation
i digress
i do not shop at the bx
for clothing
gold sequined shoulders aren't my thing
 yes this shirt comes with paint splatter on it.
and i like my shirts without paint on them.
below you will find a fine collection of 
sequined puff vests
 again not exactly my taste....
what's up with the shoulder accents?!?
and well this shirt.... 

"my lips taste like cherry, come and get it boi"
not quite sure this is appropriate at any age!
and my favorite,
my all time favorite...
this picture does not do these red velvet rhinestone accented pants justice
i seriously thought
i found my next fashion statement.
i had to hide my credit card. 
i wanted to buy a pair in red 
a pair in black.
please help me.
that is why 
i am thankful
for stores that ship to apo's
like target
where i found these cute rain boots
- Multi Allison Floral Rainboot - 8
aren't they adorable!
and trust me you need rain boots over here
especially for those 6am dog walks while living in TLF

a very special
thank you
to the stores who support military
and ship to apo's!
if it wasn't for you
i would be wearing 
red velvet rhinestone accented pants



  1. I always say that I was going to start a "People of AAFES" website! Glad I am not alone.

  2. Best blog yet. I thoroughly enjoy your wit and I totally get what you're talking about. Miss seeing you. Olivia is doing wonderfully. She's growing so fast. I'll post some pics for you to see. Have a wonderful week.

  3. BTW: for places that do NOT ship to APO and you don't want your family to have to pay to re-ship it once you ship it to them, there is a site called Create an account and whatever you buy they can ship it to you (on your dime). That's how I got our son's carseat overseas.

    And Old Navy and Victoria Secret are AMAZING at their APO shipping. So fast! (at least to Japan)

  4. I seriously had to laugh that you took pictures of those tacky clothes! I love it, put them on blast maybe just maybe we will get some non-trashy clothing.