Tuesday, February 8, 2011

they don't even have my laundry soap!

as i was making my way through the commissary
i overheard a woman
say out load 
"they don't even have my laundry soap!"
and right then and there
i wanted 
to hug her
but i didn't

there are certain 
'growing pains'
you come to expect when pcsing
learning new roads
making new friends
unpacking a lot of boxes
comes with its own set of growing pains

like trying to get the heat to work
oh how i miss natural gas!
getting use to {AFN}
wanna see the wonderful channel line up
click the link above!
this is what i call a commercial!
blowing breakers because you ran the 
at the same time
yes folks, we have very limited wattage here...
you think {thomas edison} just brought his light bulb over last year
getting use to 
no walmart
target, crest or whatever your supermarket of choice is
you are stuck with what the bx or commissary has
trying to find it on the economy

when the sweet lady
stood staring at the laundry detergents
with an almost tear
streaming down here face
i got it

and even though
it is just laundry detergent
it was something you were use to
something you had somewhat control over
you are facing so many new things
a new way to live
something as simple as your favorite laundry detergent
can bring you joy
or heartbreak

it's just another growing pain
of pcsing
and as a wise woman once told me
this too shall pass.

love from aviano!


  1. When they delivered my washer and dryer FMO told me not to use american detergents in them. So, I always get my detergents from off base, they are much cheaper off base. I use Bolt, which I think it their version of gain and I forget what the fabric softener is called, but it's got the little snuggle bear on it :) The Ipercoop on ss13 is a good store, along with the one in the emisfero mall in Pordenone. I do miss stores back in the states, but the ipercoops are like a walmart :)It's just everything is in Italian and no one speaks English

  2. oh... AFN... how I have NOT missed you. We lived in Japan for 4 years and my family thought I was a little weird when I came home for visits and got excited about real commercials. But, I can relate on some of what you are experiencing and now that I'm back in the US there are some things I really miss from Japan that I can't get here.

  3. You can always get Sky TV with different packages and watch world wide channels including US. That's what we do. We have AFN box but we've never used it. We also shop a lot off base because local products are much cheaper off base than when sold on base. Hint: don't buy Italian stuff on base. E.g. The wine you get for 8 or 9 euros on base is usually 3 or 4 euros off base. If you have any questions or you just wanna talk to someone, just shoot me an email... :)