Thursday, February 24, 2011

thankful thursday...shellac nail polish!

before we left the states
i wanted 
to make sure my nails looked nice
for awhile
you know 
just in case i met someone very important
told me 
about shellac nail polish
it's supposed to last for weeks!
why not try it
week one:

at this point 
i'm still a skeptic!
but they look good!

week two
and no longer stateside!
a little growth

you can start to see some chipping
a close up of the chipping...

start of week three:

major growth!
and some chipping...

there is no week four
mid way through week three
the nail polish peeled off
yes folks 
it peeled off
i am quite impressed
at three and a half weeks
of decent 

i am thankful
shellac nail polish
now if i could just find a nail salon 
in aviano 
that had it....

happy thursday from aviano!

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