Saturday, February 19, 2011

friday fun fact...i am not a cook

i tend to neglect 
friday fun fact
and i sincerely apologize to friday for this
we are honoring friday

 i am not a cook

i do not pretend to be
i can follow a recipe
most of the time
the dish, dessert, whatever
comes out
somewhat like the picture

i found a recipe for healthy cupcakes
in this shape magazine

now doesn't that look delicious!
and it's only 186 calories
it was perfect 
i love cupcakes
i try to be healthy
so i 
attempted to make this recipe

the cupcakes turned out
it's hard to believe folks
but those are somewhat healthy!

the icing
oh the icing....
that didn't turn out like the picture
i could never get 
"firm tip"
as describe by the recipe
in fact
i couldn't get 
the icing to look like anything
but sugar water
i thought
what would julie childs do?
drink more wine!
small problem: my bottle is empty.

i reflected on other
cooking greats
like paula dean
and the pioneer woman
so i added more butter

and more sugar

just because i had it
why not some
i figure i like whip cream
why not?!?


by now
the icing was looking like
a sugary soup
so i thought
"what can i add to make it thicker"
and i came up with


by now
it was starting to thicken up
i tasted it
it was way too sweet
i was lost
imagine it
if you can
i am standing in my italian kitchen
which is nothing like an american kitchen
it's tiny folks with no counter space
covered in cocoa
and flour
i should probably invest in an apron
i have some amazing looking cupcakes
a bowl of brown sweet thicken soup

i thought
what next?
i can leave the cupcakes unfrosted
but frankly 
that is sinful!
cupcakes deserve to be frosted
i needed something to 
take the sweet out
and there it was in my cabinet
begging me
"to just try it"
i mean at this point 
i have nothing to lose

so i did
i added a little peanut butter cookie mix
it seemed to be working
i added a little more
"wow! this was good!"
my icing concoction
still needed
"sit up"
this was my unprofessional observation
i put it in 
our tiny italian refrigerator
and waited

thirty minutes later

peanut butter chocolate icing
on top of healthy chocolate cupcakes
the icing totally negates the healthiness of the cupcake

they were
kenneth has already ate four.

on this friday
let it be known
i am not a cook
my track record speaks for me on that
i mean 
i admit to having 
instant cookie mix in my kitchen cabinet!
but today
i had a small victory in the kitchen!

happy friday ya'll!

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  1. It certainly sounds like you could be a great cook (or baker) in the making! The cupcakes look delicious! Congrats on a great turn out. :)