Saturday, February 5, 2011

the italian life i lead!

first of all
happy friday!
it has been a GLORIOUS
friday for me!
zumba this morning
free international phone calls this afternoon
and this evening
my internet works!
so what's been going on the past week
a lot!
monday our stuff came
and frankly as excited as i was to see it
i was very disappointed in the complete chaos of the packing job
we started to unpack
fmo came
fmo is another one of those military acronymous
pretty much we got a washer and dryer
in dutch
a microwave
and our wardrobes
internet and phone was connected!
however it takes 24-48 hours to activate
it's always domani in italy
now today!
so in all my giddiness 
to be connected to the world again
i've failed to organize a single blog post
i want to blog about everything
my bed
the wine
the washer and dryer
our stuff
the crazy german shepherd next door
the lack of electricity
i will refrain 
and simply end this blog
with a few pictures
make you come back tomorrow!

even in italy ken can find a game to play!

what the heck is this???

an escalator for your shopping cart 
when you are shopping at the mall!

<3 from aviano!
happy friday!

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