Monday, February 14, 2011

that's amore (and all the other cliches)

valentine's day
it's a "holiday"
that frankly
i am indifferent about
in fact
kenneth and i 
really don't have a valentine's day tradition
we are in italy now
and italy is a romantic country
a place where storybook endings come true
today i'm going to tell you
of our romantic adventure
it's quite a story 

it starts out... 
we haven't changed
hehe i got you!!

kenneth and i's first valentine was from 
she sent us
andrew jackson
i'm trying to convince her to send us euro
just look at the conversion rate to figure out why!
but we like mr. jackson too!
last night
we got our second valentine of the season

chase made this card!
and wrote a sweet note inside
notice our "name"-
I love it!

kenneth and i 
had a hot date
it was steaming i tell you!
i was wondering through the commissary
and ran into some guys (and gals) from the kennels
i stopped
shot the breeze
with them 
coming form register nine
was this man
tall, not so dark, 
but in uniform
and carrying 
we met over register nine
as he handed me the lilies
he also 
handed me
i heart peeps!

he said 
he bought me lilies
to plant
so now we will have our first flowers 
in our italian home
i love to plant
or at least pretend i have a green thumb

and finally
at the local supermarket
i got this pretty plant
from the checkout guy
as he said
"ciao bella"
i must admit 
every time someone calls me bella
my heart skips a beat

and tonight
my wonderful valentine 
will come home to this
italian for beer

what more does he need
 he is married to me!

happy valentine's day 

love from aviano!

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  1. Love it!! I'm not into the romantic, lovey dovey thing either, but it's nice to have little goodies like your flowers! LOVELY!!