Wednesday, February 23, 2011

foods of aviano....part tre

because i love food
because i love you
here we go with 
foods of aviano part tre
 pronounced "tray" with a rolling r
and is italian for three

and trust me 
the food tastes 
as good as it looks
actually probably better
because i am not a 
food photographer
by any means.
and try not to drool on your computer
i will not be held liable for replacing your keyboard
due to water damage 

did i mention how much i love the cappuccino here?

yes the one without powder sugar
is stuffed with chocolate!

this was a calazone ken ordered one night
it was heavenly!

since we've arrived
i've tried my hand at baking more
cinnamon rolls

i made these for numerous people around base
a batch for the kennels
a batch for our tlf neighbor
a batch for ken's training flight
i heard a pregnant airman 
devoured them 
and wouldn't share
can't say i don't blame her
baby needs to eat!
a batch for ken's aunt and uncle 
who have been so good to us here
i even made a thank you card for them!

even though
they don't look like pw's pictures
they were delicious!

now please stop drooling!
i promise only to tease you with more pictures 
at a later date!

love from aviano!

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