Tuesday, February 15, 2011

do not drink the water! i mean milk...

i did the italian thing
i went to the local supermarket
bought a few groceries
milk being one of them
i like skim milk
please do not judge me
when you grow up with braum's milk
skim is really good!
not knowing that much italian
a few months ago
i asked a fine italian man 
working a the coffee shop on base
how to say
skim milk
so i could order a cappuccino with skim milk
gotta save some calories!
he was so kind to tell me 
when i was at the store
i saw this!
and it was the only milk
with scremato on it!
so i bought it!!
according to babel fish this means
partially foamed...
this morning
i enjoyed a cup with my cereal
and now
i am sipping on this
and staying very close to a toilet
probably too much information
but i am honest
so if you don't like my honesty
stop reading

well don't completely stop 

back to the story!

i've learned my lesson:
buy milk from the commissary
where it might come from an italian cow
but the label is english
and my stomach is somehow use to it

maybe one day 
i will try 
to buy milk off base
but for now.
i will sip on my sprite, 
stay close to my toilet, 
and say i've learned my lesson.

love from aviano!!


  1. I'm weird about my milk and there is no way I will buy it off base. Not sure what they do different though? Maybe it wasn't pasturized?

  2. Eek! Oh no!!! I hope you feel better quickly!