Sunday, February 6, 2011

my mission...should i choose to accept it

let me precede this story with 
this fact:
i have always been a reader
and know i often read on
on an e-reader of my choice
sometimes its the nook app, 
sometimes the kindle app
sometimes ibooks
it is still very customary
to lend books to friends
by the way i like this custom
and because we are in italy
it's a very popular book
the {captain}
here is my mission:
to read the book
now why is this so hard
you ask?

step 1
buy a reading lamp
that works on 220v
its cheaper and easier than buying a transformer
this lamp i found at a local hardware store
kenneth says my dad and uncle would love this store
i would agree

it's not the prettiest lamp
but given the pricey italian way of life
this will do 
it meets the goals of the mission

step two
buy a long extension cord
because there is only one plug 
and it is not near the bed
but first
i had to convert 
feet to meters
to let the nice italian man at angelica's 
know how long of an extension cord 
i needed
step three 
plug in the lamp!
and this is where it can get tricky
you see i have this outlet
but this cord with this plug
please ignore my dirty floors
i've been unpacking boxes and not cleaning floors
back to the mission
this is three prong plug
and the outlet is three prongs 
they are different sizes
i am afraid to tell you 
in italy
it is almost impossible to just plug in something 
straight into an outlet
more than likely 
you will have to buy some sort of plug adapter
which brings us to this....
my plug adapter!!
one of many that i have purchased 
in the short six days we've been living on the economy
with a little time
i now have a reading lamp!
so i can accomplish my mission
read "eat pray love"

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  1. Angelica is kinda pricy, check out the Ovvio's, they are pricy as well but they have a good selection.