Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 days of thankfulness....

i'm three days late...
so now we will play catch up....

three things i am thankful for....

november 1: 50% off a three lb bag of assorted chocolate

and my dentist is very thankful too.
i see her friday.
really i do

november 2: the right to vote

as we reflect upon the results of november 2 we must be thankful for the right to vote.
you have a voice.
that's the great thing about being american

november 3: no more political ads

while i am very thankful for my right to vote
i am very thankful for november 3 and the ads to be OVER with!
no more phone calls,
door hangers,
or commercials with kids begging me to vote one way or the other 
yes thank you november 3
i've waited a long time for you

day 4 tomorrow...

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