Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 9: glass bottom boats

today i am thankful for glass bottom boats
thick glass bottom boats to be exact

while in freeport, bahamas 
mimi, george and i participated in a glass bottom boat tour.
kenneth choose to go fishing

while on the tour we saw some interesting things both above the water and below

the beautiful water

fishing in the bahamas..not the fishing kenneth did

starting to see some of the coral


we even got to feed the fish

remember how earlier i said i am especially grateful for thick glass bottom boats.....

reason one 

reason two

reason three. sharks.

and lots of them.

 besides sharks, fishermen who snorkel and use coolers to fish, and beautiful water
on this particular day 
freeport was graced by a beautiful woman 
who gives selflessly 
and loves whole heartily:
my mimi!

who i am very thankful for

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