Sunday, November 21, 2010

day 22: my father

51 years ago my father was born
and i must be thankful for him
because without him i wouldn't be here
all joking aside, he is a great father

my father is a quiet man
he is a caring man
he is a fair man
he is remembered by my classmates as the mustache man 
he has raised two girls
which is no easy task mind you
to be successful adults

he is steadfast
if i ever need anything
i know who i can call
and he will try to fix it

he even smiles when he gets socks for christmas

he takes pride in being a dad
he never missed a basketball game,
golf tournament, 
piano recital,
dance recital,
softball game, 
band concert, 
choir concert,
or whatever event his girls were participating in.

dancing with my mimi 

he disciplined with a silent hand.
just ask my husband about the phone timer my father installed on the phones when i was younger.

showing off his inner child 

i am very blessed to call him daddy

happy birthday daddy!

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