Thursday, November 4, 2010

day 4

today i am thankful for
or whatever you choose to call your grandfather

today would have been my bubba's birthday
today is kenneth's grandpa's birthday
as we are honor grandfathers i will also reflect upon my papa who passed away earlier this year.

all are examples of strong men
good leaders
family men
caring men
and loving men

my bubba passed away when i was five
but in the short time i knew him he instilled a lifetime of values 
he always welcomed me with a smile

he had a zest for life
he cared for others 
as evidence of his career in social work 
he had a passion for helping the mentally ill 
and disadvantaged
he still teaches me lessons through stories family members and friends tell, his writings, and pictures
pictures really can speak a thousand words

my papa passed away february 15 2010
he taught me how to make the best peanut butter and graham cracker sandwiches
which i made for a resident the other day and he told me i must have an 'old soul'

papa taught us how to plant strawberries
gather eggs 
walk a pot belly pig
and the value of a good book
he was particular to westerns but wouldn't turn away any good read
he is dearly missed.

kenneth's grandpa turns 77 today
we would take him out to eat
but he is on a month long cruise to Hawaii
that's just how he rolls
never stops...

he is a retired Major in the United States Air Force
he retired from the University of Oklahoma
he has been married for 51 years
and raised a family of 6 children

he is fair,
and caring

he is one of the reasons why kenneth is the man he is today

we should all be so lucky to have a man like grandpa in our lives

today i am thankful for grandfathers
for without them this world would be a harsher place.

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