Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 16: pillows

pillows have many functions
they can be decorative
they are a place to rest
they are something to hold when you need a good cry
they can display memories

when my papa passed away last february 
my grandmother gave me a box of his shirts to donate to the veteran's center

when it came time to take them into the veteran's center
i couldn't.

i could not part with them 
but i knew i couldn't keep them.

i had an idea to turn them into pillows
i can't sew

i asked my friend, melinda, 
who is a great seamstress,
if she would make the pillows.

she was hesitant
expressed fear she would 'mess up'

i assured her 
messing up wasn't possible

what became of my papa's shirts
were beautiful pillows 
words and pictures do not provide justice to the work she has done

the first pillow was my sister, Jenny's, birthday gift
melinda did not know anything about my papa
or any stories behind his shirts

the heart in the center is made of the shirt he wore every christmas
the last holiday we celebrated together as a family

my papa always carried pipe tobacco in his shirt pocket. 

melinda did not know these details
yet the pillow was 100 percent my papa
in more ways than just being his shirts

below are some of the other pillows she made from his shirts

the front of one of the pillows

the back of the above pillow

his dancing shirt is the pillow the flowers are his pj's

another pillow form his shirts

another pillow she made

so on sunday as we celebrate the first thanksgiving without my papa
i will give my aunts, my mom, and my grandma the opportunity to choose their pillow.

melinda said she is still making pillows 
so my cousins will have one as well
as she finishes them 
i will post pictures

you have a gift that goes beyond the stitches you sew
the patches you have crafted into pillows 
will tell stories of my papa
for generations after me
i can not express how grateful i am that you took the time to create these for my family.
thank you. 

today i am thankful for pillows.

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