Sunday, November 7, 2010

day 6: big buses

i am thankful for big buses!

ok so this isn't a picture of our bus, because i was so excited i failed to get a picture of our bus

to get to the ocean from oklahoma you have two options
1) fly
2) drive

we decided to drive
and drive we did
accompanied by 48 adults
including my wonderful mimi and george 
 we were the youngest by at least 30 years 

village tours was our tour guide
this is the first time kenneth and i have participated in a tour like this

let me tell you they take of you!
we were greeted with danishes and coffee.
 the bus seats were accessorised with a box of goodies and snacks.

what was left after 6 hours on the road

the bus was equipped with 110 volt plugs to ensure all iPods, ipads, or whatever device you bring on board stays charged.

so as we say goodbye to day 6 and hello to daylight savings time
i must say i am very thankful for big busses 
filled with wonderful people

                                               did i mention the buses have bathrooms!?

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