Sunday, November 28, 2010

day 27: bedlam


it never was a huge game in our household
that is 
until 2006

meet my cousin christina

and no i didn't photoshop pistol pete next to her or the cowboy shirt on her

we always knew christina was 
we just didn't know she would choose osu
and i am SO glad she did!!

now bedlam means something
whether it's football
sometimes even baseball

it gives me an excuse to remind her she's family
and there is nothing she can do about it
regardless of the outcome of the game

now bedlam is a chance for a little friendly banter

i love my cousin
she is like a sister to me
 it's only fitting 
i guess 
that she went to osu
because her dad is an ostate alum
remember this picture from my blog about edsel
read about edsel {here}

now that bedlam 2010 is over 
we can go back to being a loving caring family again

i love you christina
 i am so thankful to call you my cousin
and i am very thankful you went to OSU!

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