Thursday, November 18, 2010

day 13 & 14

combo for day 13 & day 14
makes it easier for me 

day 13
the ability to be flexible

not physically per say but emotionally

i've always said nothing is certain in the air force
never did i think i would have to believe it to this degree

as of nov 16 at 9 am i was scheduled to leave december 19 and kenneth november 21
was i happy about this?
i was fretting about having to do the entire tmo process by myself

thirty minutes after i confirmed these dates with my hubby and turned in my letter of resignation
it changed
now ken was leaving sunday november 21 and i was leaving december 27 
so it looked like christmas and thanksgiving we would be apart
and we could only take one dog 
we would have to pay to ship the other

fast forward to 9 am november 17
and with the click of the mouse 
and the read of an email
it appears our no later than date has been pushed back
we have to be in country no later than january 7

so for those military spouses who read this blog
i tip my hat to you.
i've learned more about myself and my level of patience in the last three months than ever.
do i look like this yet? because i feel like it!

so thank you air force for teaching me more about myself than i ever wanted to know.


day 14
bosses, coworkers, family, friends who understand flexibility & the military lifestyle

because of you:
i can change my date of resignation multiple times in a 24 hour period
have a going away party two months in advance and it's ok
plan christmas and thanksgiving multiple times 
give christmas gifts in october and wrap the empty packages because we will now be here for the actual holiday
have a sense of peace that it will all work out ok.

because of you my life is just a little bit easier
thank you.

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