Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 23: unexpected visitors

while heading down to galveston to set sail 
we made an overnight stop in
woodlands, tx

it was here that we had some unexpected visitors!

you see,
kenneth's oldest sister, melinda, lives in the houston area 

here is the gang at our house earlier this year playing kenneth's favorite game

so kenneth decided to give her a call

at a moments notice
melinda, paul, and their children were able to come visit us for the evening

paul is in the background, then ethan, morgan and leeann is leaning against kenneth

here i am blending in with the gang...
they need to stop growing!

it was really nice to see everyone 
even if it was for just an evening
hopefully we will see them again soon!

i think it's kinda cool ethan wants to wear a tuxedo jacket! he looks so dashing!

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