Monday, November 22, 2010

day 21:Zumba

 you know i was going to be thankful for it....

why am i thankful for zumba?
this could be a very long post

zumba allows you to work out without feeling like you are working out

music plays, 
your booty shakes,
and a hour later you are drenched in sweat,
and smiling

through zumba i have met some of the most amazing, kind, selfless people

LG's ladies at the thunder game

mrs julie kelly, my zes at  instructor training 

fellow oklahoma zumba instructors at a zumbathon

zumba has become a regular girls night for old friends to reconnect

a good ol' fashion becca sandwich

 honestly who doesn't love to dance?

all smiles here!

zumba = smiles

and tongues sticking out :)

and sweat drenched hair

but we are still smiling

more smiles!

check out a zumba class in your area
 i promise
 you will leave 
and thinking
"when can i do this again?"

for fun
check out 
even they smile about zumba

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