Thursday, December 30, 2010

thankful thursday: being employed

effective 4:30pm today
i will be officially 
the norman veteran's center
it's a hard concept to grasp
i have been working 
since i was sixteen
i enjoy working
often holding multiple jobs at one time
i am often described as a 
when we received orders to italy
one of my first thoughts were 
"were will i work"
"what will i do?"
then i found out 
jobs are limited,
 hard to come by
the idea of not working
kind of exciting
laying around eating bon-bon's, shopping, staring in the "real housewives of italy" show
then scary
how can we live on one income? how will i contribute to the "household"
i just dread it
in work i find purpose
self worth
i enjoy my job
i am good at it
so today
as i say goodbye to a job 
that i hold dear to my heart
and coworkers who have become friends
i am thankful
for the norman veteran's center 
who've kept me employed the past three years
tolerated my crazy ideas
and allowed me to grow as a social worker
a person.

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