Wednesday, December 1, 2010

day 30: kenneth

"that boy has stars in his eyes for you"
-my father in referance to kenneth when we were 15

this is NOT us at 15, however i do have a picture of us at 15 available upon request

as we finish this month of thankfulness how can i not brag on my hubby
because on most days i am very thankful for him
luckily today is one of those days so this entry will be filled with tons of lovey-dovey mushy stuff
so if that stuff makes you sick then stop reading NOW!
for those who are still reading
let me tell you about my husband

kenneth is the type of man that says very little 
but does so much
if you are ever in need of anything
whether it be hard labor, someone to vent to, 
or someone to share a dessert with 
he is your guy

he is steadfast, calm, and collective
he once told me he expected to marry someone laid back like him
my response was if he married someone as laid back as he was 
they would never make a decision 
and nothing would get done
and as funny and truthful as that statement is 
i am very thankful that i married someone laid back
and someone who can put up with my over anxious self
(we are a good balance)

he is very handsome
although i might be slightly biases

he gets slightly jealous
but not overly jealous
(slightly jealous is good for my ego)

and he can still tell you what i was wearing the day we met
in Mr. Langford's class
at Longfellow Middle School
in the 6th grade

did i mention he loves dogs too! :)

he would walk 7 1/2 miles to my house in the dead heat of the Oklahoma summer
to swim
because he didn't have a pool
(and i did)
looking back i realize he passed westwood swimming complex on his way to my house
so i think there was more to the story than he tells me :)

he gave me my first diamond
it was a heart necklace when i was 16
he mowed yards and saved money
because "every girl needs a diamond when she turns 16"
(and we were NOT dating)

he was my best friend then
he is my best friend now

he believes in me and encourages me in whatever i choose to take on 
(whether it be school, a new hobby, or whatever wild idea i come up with)

he is by no means a saint
but neither am i
and we have learned to make this marriage work for almost seven years 
despite our imperfections
which I know is not a long time 
but the moments we've had where it was walk away from the marriage 
fight it out 
we fought it out, kissed, made up, learned from it, and made our marriage better because of it.

so why did i wake up to flowers this morning?

because he just felt like getting me flowers.
he does that occasionally.
surprise me with little gifts
whether it be flowers, a daisy key chain(so i always have a flower), a piece of jewelry, a clean car, and the list goes on and on.

i am the lucky one.
and so are you if you know him.

we need more kenneths in this world.


  1. Becca that was so sweet! Good luck on your new adventure!

  2. That brought tears to my eyes, seriously. I usually don't like lovey dovey stuff, but I thought I would be brave and read it all. Very sweet, and you've convinced me that the world DOES need more Kenneth's in it. :)

  3. got a good one...hold on and enjoy your time in Italy..who knows what he will buy you there!!!!

  4. aww sweetest thing ever!! You are a lucky girl!!:)