Wednesday, December 22, 2010

super woman meets mother theresa

some people have unselfish hearts
and give freely
i wish i could say i was one of those people
i am not

i am very thankful to know someone who is
i call her mimi
sometimes i think i should call her super woman
one day i will find where she hides her cape.
and if i didn't know better
i would say she is related to mother theresa

mimi has graciously opened her house to us
and our two hellions
oops i mean dogs

some would say
"but you are her granddaughter, that's only appropriate"
i would disagree
because she was the only family member that offered to let us stay
and she has let non family stay with her before

before us
before the hellions
mimi had a tidy home
a clean home
now she has this....

a game room littered with boxes
our boxes
and crates

 and the smell that accompanies them

and more junk
god bless this woman....
i'd kick myself out!
her laundry room has now become the dogs food room

did i mention the boxes that have overrun her home?

they are everywhere in every shape and size

maik took it upon himself to knock this off the counter
forcing mimi to wash every single utensil
hi mimi! we are home!!

notice the angel...
we can't even keep the tree looking neat and pretty
because the hellions bump it all the time

but despite the mess we've caused
she lets us stay
and keeps the cookie jar filled
which is even more difficult know that kenneth is there :)

mimi and george:
thank you is not enough
you have let us into your home
and let us cause a mess
i am sure there are moments
you are thinking
"i miss my house"
i know there are moments that i am thankful grandparents can't divorce grandchildren
because you just might!
despite the chaos and mess
i am falling in love with the idea of spending every christmas at mimi's house
i promise to leave the boxes and mess in italy

i just can't imagine being anywhere else
and honestly
i wouldn't want to be.

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