Wednesday, December 15, 2010

stuffing cars, packing boxes, & wiping tears: a brief view of a military move

military moves are a headache
moves in general are a headache

military moves do not happen on your time
they happen on the governments time.
read about our experience {here}
you often do not get to move with your spouse
also known as the military member
every day
your plans to move
can change
and often do

this woman is a military spouse

i saw her at the vehicle processing center
she has two kids in the car that you can not see
they are moving 
military style

while she stuffs her suv
her husband is taking care of paperwork
leaving her to organize the chaos and pack the car
but she doesn't complain

what you can't see  
is the kids crying 
because it is lunch time
 they have been there for a few hours now
they are tired
i know because i am tired & i am a 26 year old woman

this is a military move
you try to make sure everything fits
your life in boxes,
stuffed into small little spaces
and despite the tears 
the chaos 
 feelings of exhaustion
you know it will turn out ok
and the crazy thing is
you wouldn't trade this experience
for the world

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