Thursday, December 23, 2010

thankful thursday:baby bumps

i am at the age 
everyone is  pregnant
well almost everyone

and there is something
simply wonderful
about the baby bump

the baby bump
reminds us 
of the miracle of life
how in a second

your life is forever changed
to all my friends
who are wearing the baby bump
or have worn the baby bump
it's the latest thing in fashion you know!
i thank you
for reminding us
how very precious life is

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Rebecca. You always share the coolest things. In the bustle of next week when you will finish work, I am afraid I won't get to say Thank you. Thank you for helping me navigate the new people, new methods and new emotions of my new workplace. You are a gifted social worker and truly lovely woman.
    I know it must feel as though it has been a long good by for you, with the AF's shifting decision-making style. I admire your resilience and particularly how you seize the moment and choose to see the good in things before you get all spooled up about the silliness.
    You will be in our thoughts as you travel abroad and investigate your new digs. Be sure to do it all, take a kazillion photos and continue to share your journey with all of us back in Oklahoma.
    Go well and know you always have a home, here in Norman. A