Friday, December 10, 2010

Ken's 1st blog

Will lets start of with me as you know that my wife Rebecca (Becca) and she is the one that started this blog.
She has been wanting me to blog for some time now, so today is the day.

What to blog about

Well i have a new boss at work he looks to be a good one so far.  I have worked for him in the past when I first got to my base and he was good then so should be good now.  I will only work here for a few more weeks then it's off to Italy where Becca and I will start anew.  I am hoping that my job will be better over there.  I am really hoping to get a great working dog like Maik when i get there.

Now lets talk about about some thing else all together.


Now i would like your input on kids.

Now most of the people reading Becca's blog wants to know when are we having kids.

1st what should i do to start having kids ie... eating, work outs and all that stuff.
Please let me know because i would like a healthy kid.   Please let us know, we know there are a lot of parents out there that have healthy babies and would like a little inside info on what to do.

Now i know i have been all over the place in this blog but hey thats how i am.

Lets talk about what i like to do when i want to relax.  Most of you know i'm on the Xbox 360 my gamer tag is (the bear 52)  you can look me up if you have an Xbox.  Now lets get into what games i like to play.  Call of duty is my fav but it also makes me mad sometimes when people cheat.  Why would you pay 60 dollars and then who knows how much on cheats just so you can be good.  Just play the game the way it is meant to be played.  You maybe killed a lot but at least you know it you not a computer hack that makes you good or bad.  Now that i have that out there lets see i also like games where it make you think about your action of what you doing like the game  Fall out.  I really never got into Halo for you Halo gamers.  It looks ok but just not for me.

So now that you have a little insight on what makes me tick then you may know why becca does the things she does.

Thanks for reading my 1st blog.

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