Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

yes friends,
it is that time of year
aside from march madness
the next week
will make my sport loving heart be filled with joy

it's bowl week!
give or take a few days
to celebrate i thought i would provide you with my picks
please please please
do not gamble based on my picks

how do i pick?
i pick on the bases of
how cute the tight end is
yes the tight end, i could care less about the quarter back
how pretty the team colors are
frankly if they have ever beat my team
the sooners
please do not bet based on my picks!

so what games will i be watching?

i will be watching....

valero alamo bowl
  oklahoma state       vs                 arizona

san antonio
dec 29
8:15 kickoff

given mike stoops is the coach at arizona
and he use to coach at ou
this was a close call
but in the end
i had to choose

gotta stick with an oklahoma school

rose bowl 

wisconsin          vs             tcu
pasedena, cali
jan 1

this one is a tough one
i like tcu
with a horn frog as a mascot
who wouldn't like them
i like the tradition of wisconsin
at one time the university of wisconsin madison was voted 'most partied' university
i debated awhile on this one
but in the end
i choose

again, please do not place any monetary bets on my picks
i am by no means an expert!

the tostitos fiesta bowl


connecticut              vs            oklahoma
glendale, arizona
jan 1

not going to beat around the bush
i choose

the sooners!


the orange bowl


 stanford           vs        virgina tech
jan 3
7:30 pm

again another tough one
who doesn't feel for virgina tech
and what the school has overcome
and stanford
is a program rich in tradition and philanthropy
and it is hard to choose when you don't care who wins
you just want to watch a good game.

because i know a virgina tech alum
i am choosing


all state sugar bowl

     ohio state           vs              arkansas
new orleans
jan 4
who would choose a school that calls themselves
"the" ohio state
 my cousin is an arkansas alum
so i choose


the cotton bowl
     lsu                    vs      texas a&am
Arlington, Texas
Jan 7
no decision to be made here:
i choose the aggies
i will keep my opinion about lsu to myself

tostitos national championship

oregon               vs              auburn
glendale, arizona
jan 10

anyone remember this game?

i do

i choose:


again i reiterate
do not make any betting choices based
on my picks
i am a simple okie girl
who loves the sooners
and wears my football emotions on my sleeves

i hope your team wins!
regardless if i didn't choose them!
except for the sooners that is.
enjoy the next week of football!
i know i will!

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