Tuesday, December 28, 2010

an oklahoma christmas

my oklahoma christmas story:
twas the night before christmas
and santa couldn't make it
the blizzard out east delayed him significantly
so he sent his favorite elf
meet santa's elf

"oh no!" santa's elf has been caught

and the stockings were hung...

my beautiful sister
 she will cook for shoes
no lie! she's a great cook! has great shoes!
did i mention she is single?

boys will be boys

attempt one at trying to make the tractor jump the ramp

obviously this tractor is not a john deer

attempt number.......

woohoo!!! success!!!

merry christmas admiral

merry christmas maik
he ate the mince meat pie
needless to say he got coal in his stocking

poinsettias, mimosas, mimi in the kitchen
this could be a dangerous combination depending on how many poinsettias she has had

mimi's strawberry jelly + dr pepper = the best christmas dinner
this is my spot at the table!

"helping" mimi

the most amazing dinner rolls. ever.

inu and admiral meet again.

inu hid in a box

christmas isn't christmas without a whoopee cushion

my beautiful sister
did i mention she is single?

my handsome husband

the gift with no tag
Christina: "Anita, it's yours"

Anita: "Oh my! It's beautiful"
Mimi: "Wait! That's mine! George bought it for me"
Anita: "ohhhhh"

and we all laughed till we cried.

what were some funny moments during your christmas celebrations?

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