Sunday, December 19, 2010

tomorrow is the last day! don't miss this!

as we were driving home from finishing up christmas shopping
i saw a church lit up in christmas lights
the conversation between kenneth and i went something like this:

me: "you don't usually see a church lit up in christmas lights"
k: "no but notice they are all white"
me: "it's a drive thru nativity scene! kenneth look!"
at that point 
kenneth made a sharp right hand 
and there we were
and i am so glad we were!

i didn't take any pictures of the actual nativity scene
but trust me you must go!

these were the goodies we got!

during the play
a person in the town of bethlehem 
brought home made bread to our car window

i asked to pay her and she said, "no thank you. merry christmas and god bless"
no more grinch mask for me

there were twelve scenes 
a cd was given to you at the beginning of the drive
that narrated the story of jesus
you could keep the cd
we choose to give it back
so they could continue to witness to others

the program

if you live in the okc metro go check it out
tomorrow is the last day!

if you don't live in okc metro
find a drive thru nativity scene in your area
it's a great way to spend an evening with the family!

merry christmas

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