Sunday, December 5, 2010

the many signs of key west

during our cruise
we ported at key west, fl
it's a very nice town
along with many roosters roaming about

kenneth and i noticed the many unique signs
key lime pie on a stick...yummy?

ok, first it was the large cookies that got our attention
then it was the word fudge printed boldly across the window
it made me think of ralphie in "the christmas story"
one of my favorite holiday movies!

really? $1,100.00 for this dog? 

so did we or didn't we?
you will never know!

kenneth really liked this sign.  
it matches the decor in his "man cave"
yes his "man cave" has decor.... moving on.....

so this isn't a sign but i love "the thing"
i found one when i was 15 looking for my first car
the only problem
it was burnt orange
and well you driving a burnt orange car in norman is asking for trouble.

this was a really cool cemetery.
one headstone read:
"i told you i was sick"
there were other funny headstones as well.
out of respect for the dead i did not take pictures of the headstones.

we walked most of the island of key west
only by accident
and failure to ask for directions
but really enjoyed the scenery

we even found a piece of real estate.
the home was a fixer upper.
real potential.
the price had recently been lowered
to a mere 2.6 million
quite a steal considering 3 years ago it was listed for 6.5 million according to the neighbor

what interesting signs have you seen lately?

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