Monday, December 27, 2010

so how am i doing:the honest truth

in eleven days
i will be 
living in italy

it has been a process
and i know the process is not over
by any means

the closer we get
the more i get asked,
"how are you doing?"

so here is the honest truth:
i am functioning
 trying to maintain a sense of normalcy
which is very difficult considering there is nothing normal about moving to italy

with every gain
there is a loss

we are gaining a chance of a lifetime
we are loosing what we knew as our life
we will have to make new friends
find a new house
i will have to find a new job
i know you are thinking stop your griping you are moving to italy!
we are gaining a chance to travel
an opportunity to try new things
(possibly a new career)
the beginning of a new chapter

i believe there is a 'honeymoon' period
you get orders 
does this not look like the perfect honeymoon getaway

you suddenly remember
a "perk" of being a military member:
but then reality hits
and the 'honeymoon' is over
shortly the seven year itch comes on...
they say the best base is the one you are going to 
and the worst is the one you are leaving

the stress of pcsing
it takes a toll on your health
personally i get headaches
on your marriage
on your children
which we don't have but i can only imagine what it would do to them
on your pets
admiral and maik have never been skinnier

you can only answer the question, 
"honey what box is my belt in"
so many times before you just dump out all the boxes in frustration

i have coped 
only by the grace of god
good friends
a loving family
and dumping a few boxes in frustration

i cope by setting goals
for example
my birthday and our anniversary are in march
my goal:

a weekend getaway to venice
now that is exciting!

i will miss my friends
i will my family
the life that i once had
but i am not saying goodbye
it's just see you later
please stop acting like i'm about to die and you will never see me again

so that is how i am doing
the honest 

i've dumped a few boxes
yelled some
cried some
smiled a lot
will be
enjoying the next eleven days

happy monday ya'll

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  1. Moving to Germany was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, so I totally understand where you are. The stress caused unbelievable stress on my marriage, constant strain, feeling hopeless, and tears… oh my God the tears. I still miss the states sometimes, although I didn't leave an amazing support system like you. There are still tears and heartache… but you adjust. After you find a house and settle in, you adjust. It's not the same at all, and sometimes I wish we weren't here. Then I remind myself that this is where God want's us so I better enjoy it and walk away with this amazing experience as a blessing. Your going to have so much fun!