Wednesday, December 1, 2010

italy oh italy where are you?

happy december ya'll!
so why are we not in italy yet?
(and why are you complaining? don't you want us to stay in oklahoma? 

so november was a crazy month
if you would have asked me november 1 
i would have told you 
we would be in italy
no later than november 28

fast forward to november 2
that's a big jump, i know!
then i would have told you 
kenneth and i were going to be on a rotator 
(military flight) 
november 21

found this picture via google image search for "patriot express" aka military rotator

fast forward to november 3
then i would have told you
kenneth would be on the rotator november 21
i would follow after our household goods were shipped
kenneth requested an extension
to try and his no later date pushed back so we could leave at the same time

november 6-14
we cruised. 
no worries.

november 15
around noon
i would have told you
kenneth will still leave the 21st
household goods to be shipped december 1
i would be leaving december 19
kenneth's birthday!

november 15
around 1:30
kenneth's status remains unchanged
now i would be leaving
december 27
with only one dog 
the other dog we would have to ship
goodbye 3-5k dollars

ya'll still following me?????

where was i?

now we are at november 17
approval finally granted for an extension
our no later date was changed to 
january 7, 2011

wait a few more days....

wednesday november 24
happy early thanksgiving to the clintons!
enough space on the rotator for 2 dogs
enough space on the rotator for 2 humans
2 dogs  + 2 humans on the same flight = happy clintons!

things are starting to come together!

today is december 1
and we say hello to december 
and to movers, boxes, and bubble wrap 
i am actually kinda excited about bubble wrap
but come friday
we will say goodbye to our household goods
how we will ever survive???

stay tuned for pictures of what our life looks like in boxes. 
because i know you are looking forward to it!

have a wonderful wednesday!

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