Thursday, December 16, 2010

thankful thursday: game night

game nights 
with mimi and george

it started out as a once a month 
family event

now that we are living with mimi 
it is an every night  thing

i love game night

usually we play pegs and jokers 
(we call it joker's wild)
a fun game!
it's very similar to "sorry" but for adults

another game we play is spades
so we played it once on the cruise
i must admit 
that is the only time i have ever played spades
kenneth, mimi, and george are experts 
maybe that is why i only played it once :)

kenneth and mimi were in a heated game of dominoes last night
kenneth in deep thought
mimi thinking 'come on! play'

who's going to win?

rumor is:
it took mimi 2 years to beat george.
i haven't even tried.

and of course apples to apples always brings a smile

i am thankful for game nights
and quite envious i have to go to bed early 
and can't stay up to play all night long with them

game nights are a chance for friendly competition
to escape from reality
and enjoy each other's company.

if you are ever in the mood 
to play a game
come on over!


  1. We love Apples to Apples! One of the best gifts someone ever gave my son. We love the game too. Found you on blogfrog. Very nice blog.

  2. I love game night! I think board games are a lost art!