Friday, December 10, 2010

friday fun fact: cold wet noses

we made it to another friday!

time for your friday fun fact
i am a dog lover
most know this about me and don't consider it a friday fun fact at all!

as a dog lover
i am accustomed to being woke up by a cold wet nose in my face
this happens to be admiral's nose
i love the coloring!

most people know that a cold wet nose
typically indicates a healthy dog
unless it's a runny nose that is no bueno!

i read the following
tale about why a dogs nose 
is wet and cold
and thought i'd {share}
click on the link above to see the original website
According to legend, 
God bestowed cold,
 wet noses on dogs 
for saving Noah's Ark from sinking. 
As the story goes, 
a dog was on patrol 
when he discovered water pouring through a hole in the hull. 
The quick-witted dog stuck his nose in the small hole to keep water from flooding in.

The second dog ran off to alert Noah, 
who quickly repaired the hole. 
had to include this picture of maik 'running to save the day'

The dogs saved the day. 
For their actions, 
God made a cold, wet nose 
the symbol of good health for a dog.

and that is why 
dog's have cold wet noses
cold wet noses make it easy to fall in love with these four pawed creatures 
even when they do wake you at 5 am on a saturday morning
i love this picture by the way......

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