Monday, December 20, 2010

i miss my house

time for my monday morning pity party....

i miss my house
our home during the 2009 Oklahoma blizzard
i know it is still ours
but someone else is living in it
which is a hard thing to grasp at times
and our dreams for this home are no longer there

i miss my bathtub

the living room that housed so many good memories

i miss the kitchen
even thought i never spent much time in it

i know kenneth misses his 'man cave'

we became comfortable in this home
forgetting we were military
and that we could move at a moments notice

i am very thankful to have mimi's house
it has provided kenneth and i with a sense of
being home

but it still isn't the same.
and i miss my house

this concludes my monday morning pity party
thank you for listening.

now back to work.

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